Before I die I want to...
Go White Water Rafting

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I done this on the valentines day this year with Krystal it was honestly so much fun!!


I love to do this it looks exciting & fun!!


My great grandmother tells me stories about how she loved white water rafting and kayaking and the adventures she would have.


Go White Water Rafting in California.


it is a little scary to me, but I so want to experience the thrill


Always love being on the rivers here in Michigan; would love the thrill of more rapid waters.


missed out this summer - Definitely nex summer !


This is scary to me, but it intrigues me... I must try this!


I have always seen people doing this growing up in colorado, but i have never done it yet.


It just looks awesome haha It looks like the thrill of my life.


Did it 2 times that i was scared, and now i want to try it and not be scared!


Loving the challenge of my fears.


I have always wanted to do this, from a very young age.


Rollercoaster without a safety net?


my brother did this an said it was fun


I have done this before and it was so much fun!


Doesn't have to be anywhere specific; sounds like it'd be fun!


Saw it on tv once and though that I'd like to do it


I did this a long time ago, but I don't much besides the fact that it was AWESOME. :] so we'll go again together.


I want to go again, I did it once but a long time ago!! It was a marvelous experience


I have always wanted to do this!


I did this with my family in Chaing Mai and in Nepal.


I want to go white water rafting.


I wanna do it cause it sounds AWESOME!!


Wow - got absolutely soaked, stayed in the raft and had a BLAST!


Did this in the Kawarau Gorge in New Zealand