Before I die I want to...
Run A Marathon

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1978 buckaroos have listed 'Run A Marathon' as one of their life goals:

I started running this summer and I find it to be so much fun! I would like to challenge myself by running a marathon, preferrably abroad when possible again. I might start with a half-marathon, but the goal is a full one.


Pushing my limits, to prove to myself I can be and do more than I think.


it is something I have always wanted to do. I am just not very good at running.


Shouldn't have put it in the goals


I want to finish a full marathon within a year.


Push my limits physically. Then a full!


Run a marathon before I turn 30


I want to run the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC before I graduate from USNA.


I have a bad knee (ITBS) that doesn't allow me to run for very long periods of time before it becomes to painful. I want to overcome this pain sometime and finally run a marathon.


I want to do something that is physically challenging


I want to run 26.2 miles before I'm 26.2 years old.


I ran a half a marathon when I was 17, Would love to run a full marathon before I am 30.


I want to show myself i can do it.


I saw forest Gump when I was a child


I saw forest Gump when I was a child


my dad bet me that I would never run the London marathon as a joke so I want to prove him wrong


This should get me up and running every morning...


Fitness Check. Run a Half marathon and try complete it.


i am not a very atletic person so as a personal dare i want to run a marathon


I am typically not a gifted runner and find it quite challenging. This would be my ultimate goal, a top of the apex achievement.


start with a 5k and see where it takes me but I definitely want to run at least one in my life


Since graduating from high school almost eight years ago, I've been less active and I've gained a great deal of weight. While I'm relatively healthy with no major health problems, I have so much less energy than I used to have when I was twenty. I can't run or walk a long distance without getting tired and out of breath, nor can I do all the things I want to do with my life. I'm really out of shape, so I've decided to lose weight, build muscle, get fit, and run/finish a marathon to prove to myself I'm capable!


i have never been healthy and fit in my life but i want that to change. if i can run a marathon then i should be fit enough to get out there and experance life and not just watch it go by.


however long, but preferable short


This is a must. I have always had issues with my fitness, i am a smoker and i believe the moment i will be able to run a marathon i will be a better person. Both physical and psychical.


After many years barely moving finally began running again and met some people training for longer runs, and thought, 'me too'.


or even half would be ok with my knees...


Any marathon... Chicago, Boston etc.


I don't know why. I have a love/hate relationship with running but it's something I really feel inclined to do.


As I get healthier I want to be able to do this physically.


Started running again at age 23 and needed a goal to aim for so decided on the New York City marathon


Marathons aren't only a race, it's a beautiful way to clear your mind, most of the people think that its main positive effect is to keep you healthy in a sustainable way but the biggest positive effect is actually to show you what is important in your life


I have enjoyed running since as early as I can remember so running a marathon was my ultimate running goal in life


5k race for life this year inspired me to get fit from a dormant state


I watch the London marathon every year and always say "one day"


The love for running and to push myself


If I could do this, that'd be great.


I've never ran a marathon before.


I want to compete in an official Marathon and finish within the allotted time.


Getting healthy, and my best friend is a runner


To become more active and healthy


I'd like to find a cause that means a lot to me, and run for it. Even if I didn't necessarily 'RUN' a marathon, but participated in one- I'd be incredibly happy.


Something I've wanted to do since discovering I can always push myself that litle bit further


I want to run a marathon, not just finish it but actually run it good, this after a fine training and having finished a 1/2 marathon


I would conquer my shin splints and push past the limits of my endurance. Someday...


I have always been out of weight my life I want to get into shape and show myself that I can do something with my life.


All 26.2 miles of misery... the ultimate athletic challenge!


to complete a full length marathon!


I started running for exercise, and kept giving myself more and more goals to reach. A marathon was a goal that natural came to mind.


Its a hell of a long way, have entered for a place in the london marathon. Hope i get in now, but am scared at the same time!