Before I die I want to...
Run A Marathon

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1788 buckaroos have listed 'Run A Marathon' as one of their life goals:

Sense of achievement must be just like nothing else.


My sister challenged me. Did run a half-marathon. Registered for a full in October.


I've always liked to run, and think it would be a great experience to participate in an organized event.


A few years ago I was on the right track towards this goal and then I got married. My husband has been very sick and being a stress eater I lost sight of my health goals and gained about 50 pounds. I will get back on that wagon and stay on.


Need to. Health is my life and I need to run a marathon to be happy


My mom is a marathon runner, and I have dreamed of running a marathon for a long time.


Yep...the actors in some of my favorite shows do I wanna do it too!


Been invited and seen a lot of ads for different marathons.. Just one to be involved in one.. for a good cause ofcourse


I have been seeing a lot of ads regarding this one and was sent a lot of invites as well. I just think that I should try to be involved in one for a special cause :)


I hate Running. So I want to do the "beat" the hardest level of Running. Sort of a middle finger thing in Running's face.


The feeling of crossing that line


Running a half and watching Jenny fun a full