Before I die I want to...
Chase A Tornado

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64 buckaroos have listed 'Chase A Tornado' as one of their life goals:

I would love to see a Tornado on the ground with my own eyes.


I watched a movie called 'into the storm' and found this idea interesting


My father and I witnessed a tornado pull a tree from our front yard when I was a year old, but obviously I don't remember it personally. I've seen films about tornadoes and twisters, and I find them fascinating. I loved learning about them in my science classes and would love to chase one.


Ever seen those caveats on TV that read “Professional: Do not try at home”? Well, this one’s kinda like that! Chasing a tornado (with an experienced, veteran professional, mind you)—sometimes dubbed ‘the finger of God’—is one of the most riveting, adrenaline-pumping experiences ever. Ride along with a veteran driver and observe—up close and [possibly too] personal—one of mother nature’s most brutal, yet shockingly beautiful and grandiose shows. But again, only go with an experienced storm chaser.


My number one goal in life. I have been fascinated by Tornadoes since before I can remember. I have never witnessed a real tornado, but it would be an absolute dream come true.