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3.. 2.. 1.. It’s December and the countdown to the countdown has begun. What’s waiting on the other side? Confetti showers and after parties deep into the after hours. Hopeful glances to 2017 and bittersweet goodbyes to 2016. The worn out adage of a “new you” for the “new year” refuses to die and here’s why: People lose discipline and break their resolutions. The next New Year ...

Are New Year’s Resolutions Inherently Selfish?

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Are New Year’s Resolutions Inherently Selfish?

The new year in American culture is the quintessential meaning of new beginnings and change. According to Forbes Magazine, about 40% of all Americans make new year’s resolutions, most of which begin pre-planning those resolutions a few weeks beforehand. Newspapers, television shows, celebrities, they all celebrate the idea of starting off the new year the right way. But do these resolutions actually ...

2017 Bucket List

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