Before I die I want to...
Swim With Dolphins

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2429 buckaroos have listed 'Swim With Dolphins' as one of their life goals:

Doesn't matter were I just want to experience this.


I think this is something beautiful that has to do with nature and beyond!


Have wanted to swim with dolphins since I was seven years old lol.


Since I started my family I hardly have enough money to travel and just need to do this for the memories with or without my family. the one time I went for a trip before I got married we went to late and the seas were too rough so we didn't see Dolphins. I went again but my friends made us late again and we missed the dolphins. I think the Dolphin is my spirit animal, I have a tatoo fo 2 dolphins and one day I will swim with them.


Отметить свое день рождения с дельфинами, но перед этим необходимо накопить немного.


Swim with super cute dolphins.


Dolphins are really smart and I've never seen one.


the movie dolphin tale and my mom because she got to swim with dolphins.


I would love to swim with dolphins


My goal since I was 4. It's time to make a dream come true


Dolphins are so cute and love them.


love animals still trying to overcome the fear of the ocean


Would love to swim with dolphins out in the wild


Hopefully this one will be fulfilled in Mexico at my brother's wedding.


Swim with dolphins because it's something that would be cool to do.


I love dolphins and I think it would be cool to swim with the dolphins


I want to find a pod of dolphins in the open oceans and swim with them!


Dolphins are amazing creatures they are so sweet and kind and getting to swim with one and pet one! Gosh, I just think it would so gorgeous to swim with such and sophisticated animal


What better thing to do in your life then swim with dolphins.


I've always wanted to do this since I was small


dolphins are really cool animals and I always wanted to swim with them just like the people in the TVs


I have an incredible dolphin noise, and dolphins are very cute.


Always wanted to get up close and personal with dolphins


I want to swim with dolphins but not in the open sea. I would prefer a pool at a oceanarium


Just to be able to swim with Dolphins in their natural playground not in a zoo or theme park.


s is just something I've always wanted to do as a little girl.


Provided that they're in a safe location with plenty of room and the conditions they deserve.


Love of animals - seeing them in the wild in VA


i want to swim with dolphins while on holiday


My sister once did it and she really loved it! plus, my animal name at the boyscouts is Dolphin so it's kind of predestinated that I have to swim with these wonderful creatures


want to go under water and feel marine life


I've always wanted to swim with dolphins!


evey since I was little girl I want to do this


They are such beautiful creations it's crazy.


Swim with Dolphins was a dream of my partners


I have always found dolphins amazing and smart.


I have an undying love for animals! <3


This opportunity doesn't present itself often.


I think it would be an exciting and an amazing experience to swim with dolphins.


At Sea World in Disney with Mom and Dad when I was 11/12


I've always loved the ocean and I think Dolphins are precious, so this would be so much fun!


I've heard from friends it's a life changing experience.


Dolphins are such beautiful and intelligent creatures. Everyone rates this experience as one of the best they've ever had, I truly need to do it for myself.


i love dolphins and i've always wanted to do this!


I don't know, but everyone who has experienced this rates it as the best thing they have done. need to experience this for myself. I would really love to do something like this with my Beautiful wife also.


Been one if my dreams since I was about 4 years old, I absolutely love them and I NEED to swim with them before I die!


Why wouldn't you? It must be amazing and theraputic.


After watching Aquamarine when I was little I knew I wanted to swim with dolphins. This is the kind of thing that must be done with my best friend, along with scuba diving.


I always wanted to jump into the water when I saw dolphins, because I think these animals are just so elegant and friendly. I would feel the freedom in the water and enjoy every moment.


Experience the wonders of the ocean, always loved dolphin since I was a little girl.