Before I die I want to...
Swim With Dolphins

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I've always loved the ocean and I think Dolphins are precious, so this would be so much fun!


I've heard from friends it's a life changing experience.


Dolphins are such beautiful and intelligent creatures. Everyone rates this experience as one of the best they've ever had, I truly need to do it for myself.


i love dolphins and i've always wanted to do this!


I don't know, but everyone who has experienced this rates it as the best thing they have done. need to experience this for myself. I would really love to do something like this with my Beautiful wife also.


Been one if my dreams since I was about 4 years old, I absolutely love them and I NEED to swim with them before I die!


Why wouldn't you? It must be amazing and theraputic.


After watching Aquamarine when I was little I knew I wanted to swim with dolphins. This is the kind of thing that must be done with my best friend, along with scuba diving.


I always wanted to jump into the water when I saw dolphins, because I think these animals are just so elegant and friendly. I would feel the freedom in the water and enjoy every moment.


Experience the wonders of the ocean, always loved dolphin since I was a little girl.


Just beautiful creatures and is an amazing thing to be with them.


I just think it would be amazing to swim with dolphins


I watched a tv show where people went to the states to have experiences with animals and one experience was to swim with dolphins


Ive always thaught they were beautiful! & when i finally saw one they left me speechless :D


In the Mid-80's I had an Olivia Newton-John album and on the inside cover, she was swimming with dolphins. I was immediately inspired by the photos and vowed to swim with dolphins before I died.


I have always loved dolphins since I was little. To have the chance to swim with them would be a dream come true!


I am sooo afraid of the sea/ocean but love dolphins... would love to concour my fear and swing with them.


Dolphins are amazing creatures. Who doesn't want to have the experience to swim with them!!


These gentle giants are just... well, too cute. Lucky people all have their pictures taken kissing one after swimming with them, I WANT THAT TO BE ME!!!


I did it in 3rd grade on a cruise but dolphins are my favorite animals and I'd like to do it again.


It just seems a once in a lifetime thing to do.


missed the chance in Australia and Nw Zealand... can't miss again if I have chance to


to see the beauty and feel the magic of the animal


Almost achieved in New Zealand but the pod was swimming too fast and i am not an plympic swimmer (Sad but True)


I've always been a little creeped out by dolphins but I would love to learn to appreciate them properly.


I used to collect dolphins, I just think they are so magical, and beautiful creatures.


I have always loved dolphins. One day or one year or one point in my life I want to swim with the dolphins. It has been a dream of mine.


This has been my dream since I was a little girl.


Whether in Florida or wherever there may be dolphins that wish to swim with me, I am doing it


I have already and it was so great! I really want to do it in the sea though!


I know a lot of people who have done it and said that it was an amazing experience.


Dolphins are incredibly cool. That's it.


i love the ocean and shit! dolphins are my favourite animal and I want to experience being with them


Being a mermaid and everything..


I did not have the honor of swimming with dolphins while in St. Maarten. I really hope to do it on my next sun & sand getaway!



My favourite Animal as a child, there cute and mysterious and i really wanted to be a marinebiologist when i was little, so this is the perfect thing to do.


Was one of the greatest experience in my life, so far!


I have loved dolphins and killer whales since I was a child. I always envied the trainers at Sea World and someday wanted to be one. That day has probably long come and gone so I would settle to spend some time in the water with dolphins. But would really love to be a trainer for a day.


Preferably wild ones in a tropical location!


Cuba 2007. After a diving trip in the coral reefs of Guardalavaca!


Always wanted to swim with dolphins or stingrays


Done this in florida in 2005, they are amazing and so friendly. there skin feels like a boild egg!