Europe Summer 2012

Day 1: Arrived at Paris, go to our hotel, eat at a nearby restaurant , sleep (messed up sleeping timetable)

Day 2: Breakfast , Mom and Dad go shopping , eat lunch , visit the Eiffel tower and River Seine , shopped at Paris la defense , eat at McDonalds, heavy sleep for a few hours, dinner at Hippopatomus restaurant, sleep.

Day 3: Breakfast , went to the pharmacy due to my swollen lip and my sisters swollen eye, ate at cafe in Louvre museum, back to the hotel , back to louvre , ate at starbucks, back home , shopped at Galleries Laffayette (bought uggs , yay!) , Dinner at chinese restaurant down the street, back home , sleep.

Day 4: Breakfast , headed to Cityrama (our travel guide to Disney), waited for bus to Disneyland, arrived at Disney (the weather was harshly cold) yet we rode on two rollercoasters/rides and 1 boat ride , ate at a underground cave restaurant at Disney , came back to the hotel in the late afternoon, rested for a while , shopped at Rue de Rivoli , ate dinner at McDonald's , came back to the hotel , slept.

Day 5: Breakfast , Cityrama again , headed to Versailles , took a tour around the whole of the Versailles palace with an annoying French guide , took pictures at the Versailles garden, came back to the hotel , went shopping , dinner at a restaurant , hotel , sleep.

Day 6: Breakfast and stayed at home while mom went out , lunch , dinner and a day wasted!

Day 7: Breakfast , stayed at the hotel , lunch at McDonalds , home , dinner at a cafe and we also packed because we're headed to Geneva tomorrow afternoon! Paris was unbelievably beautiful , it is safe to say that it is one of my most cherished cities. The shopping, history,food,French accents, they have it all!

Day 8: Breakfast , watched the parade run through the city of Paris for celebrating National French Day, returned to the hotel , we finally finished packing, headed to the infamous Gare de Lyon , went on a first class train to Geneva with breathtaking views right from our train windows, arrived at Geneva, headed straight to our hotel and took a shower. Me and Dad caught some bikes for rent at the front of our hotel and we used them to bike around our hotels parking lot! We had dinner at a restaurant connected to the mall connected to our hotel called Mollino's and it had the best pizza EVER. We headed back to our rooms and slept after a tiring day.

Day 9: Good breakfast at our hotel, went biking with my Dad and Sister, took a brocheure from our hotel to go to Montreaux and Lausanne, so we grabbed a cab and went on quite a long ride from Geneva to Montreaux, we shopped a bit there and had some ice-cream, took some pictures of the mountains , lakes and us and then headed off to Lausanne with the same cab. The ride was taking forever but finally we reached Luzern. Yes, Luzern not Lausanne , due to my parents lousy pronunciation and our uneducated taxi driver we ended up in an unknown city called Luzern , we had no option but to pay the taxi driver and since we were all starving we had lunch at a restaurant near Lake Luzern. We quickly headed to a train station because it started to rain in Luzern and took a train to Geneva , it took a while because Geneva is in the French speaking part of Switzerland in the far left part of Switzerland whilst Luzern is one the far right side of Switzerland which is the German speaking side. On the long train ride we sat next to this army person who had an abnormal breathing pattern and we safely arrived in Geneva and took a cab to our hotel. We had take away ravioli from Mollino's for dinner and went to sleep.

Day 10: Woke up , took a warm shower , shopped a bit at the mall next to our hotel , went to the famous Jet D'eau Fountain and Lake Geneva , we had lunch at a fancy restaruant , feed tons of ducks at Lake Geneva , and Mom started shopping at second hand stores , we came back to the hotel , Me , Dad and my Sister biked for a while, came back to our room , and had some room service dinner , slept late due to packing for Zurich tomorrow , sleep.

Zurich -
Day 11: Breakfast , finished of packing for Zurich, headed to the train station , had lunch at the train , arrived at Zurich , reached our hotel , early dinner with beautiful view of Zurich (our hotel had the most breathtaking view of Zurich EVER , I even added a picture to this post) , sleep.

Day 12: Breakfast , took a hour long boat ride across Lake Zurich , ate lunch on the boat , shopped at Banhofstrasse street, came back to the hotel , went grocery shopping with Mum, back to our hotel , dinner at a Chinese resturant , sleep.

Day 13: Breakfast , we wanted to take the tram to Bahnhoffstrasse so Mom and Dad were buying the tickets outside the tram while me and my sister were inside and the tram started! My dad chased after it and we were knocking on the bus driver's door who wasnt listening and thank god the tram stopped at a nearby tram stop not far so me and my sister ran back to our parents by looking at the tram tracks. It was scary but now I laugh about it! We finally went to do some shopping , had lunch , back to the hotel to drop off our shopping bags , went to watch "The Amazing Spiderman" and yes it truly is an amazing movie....and so is Andrew Garfield! Dinner at a cafe near the movie theatre, packed for Venice tomorrow , sleep.

Day 14 : Breakfast, did some investigating around the hotel , went to the train station , at lunch at this seafood place with raw octopus which I was extremley eager to eat , got sick on the train due to the raw octopus, had a tardy arrival at Venice , a water taxi dropped us off at some port in front of The Westin Hotel Venice and we couldnt find the hotel for ages so Dad went to find someone to help with our luggages and take us to the hotel, we arrived at the hotel after ages with angry Mom and Dad and our hotel really ticked me off because of the tiny elevator , nearly broken air conditioner and dirty bedsheets. Went to bed with no dinner. And just so you know the water taxi that dropped us off actually dropped us off in the right place because later we figured out there is absolutley no roads or cars driving in Venice , its only boats and people!

Day 15: Breakfast at the hotel (terrible) , mom is still angry , went shopping for some Venice souviners, finally went to St Marks Square were there was some peace and headed to the beautiful Grand Canal , the gondola's everywhere , the blue water and that nice Italian smell , it was joyous! Came back to our doesnt-deserve-3 stars-hotel , had dinner at an extremley posh nearby hotel next to our hotel and the opera while I was wearing my pyjama tee shirt and Juciy Couture sweats (embarrasing) , read a book to pass time, sleep.

Day 16: Breakfast , went back to St. Marks Square and had some lunch there , that lunch hands down was the best lunch i've ever had , no , not because of the food but because of my surroundings , St. Marks Square as beautiful as it is , there was Italian music playing by a band in the restaurant and the weather was the perfect summer temperature. After lunch we went on a gondola ride which was AMAZING and while we were cruising down Venice we saw Mozart's old house! Dad and I were still hungry so we ate at a cafe and the went back to the hotel , mom went shopping yet again, and my Sister , Dad and I stayed at home, we had dinner at a nearby restaurant , came back to the hotel and packed for Rome tomorrow. Sleep at last.

Day 17: Breakfast , did some final packing , had lunch at some restaurant with really tasty Calzone's, headed to the train station, arrived at Rome and unfortunatley it was raining so we quickly got a cab and went to our hotel, we had some dinner and ice cream at the ice-cream shop right opposite to our hotel, went back to our rooms and slept.

Day 18: Breakfast , my uncle who lives in Italy came to visit and we went shopping at Euroma2, we had lunch at McDonald's , did some more shopping , came back to our hotel, went on a short stroll around Rome with Dad and Sister, dinner , sleep.

Day 19: Woke up late, had no breakfast , rested at the hotel , lunch , made tickets for a tour at night , took a short nap , lunch again (because I was hungry) , went on the tour and visited the Trevi Fountain , Colloseum , St.Peters Basilica and some other stuff. We came back to our hotel , had ice-cream at the same shop and went to sleep.

Day 20: Breakfast , went to my uncles house in the country side of Rome and had lunch there , took a cab to the Pantheon and then the Colloseum , unfortunatley the inside was closed because it was past 4pm so we shopped , had dinner and headed home to pack for going back home (extremley sad :( ! )

Day 21: Breakfast , packed, headed to the airport , back to my boring old home country.

July 7th 2012 - July 28th 2012