River Bluff Trail Hike With Commit To Be Fit

Completed this hike in May of 2016, with my Therapy Center Fitness Wing 5 months after shattering my right tibial plateau in 7 places and my left wrist in 3 places.  The grades were steep between 5 and 10%. The trails were narrow with gravel and a drop off on one side.  Below were trees and a river just below a dam. Altitude gained and lost was 200 meters each. The hike was on the River Bluff Trail and was officially listed as an easy 5k.  I used bilateral braces including my post op leg brace and a hiking pole.  I took nothing but water, a snack, and a boonie hat...at the direction of my personal trainer. Group was 6 people plus the trainer. Would I do it again...absolutely.