Ride An Elephant - Done!

How did it go down?

I just came back from a week vacation in Thailand. It was my first time to see an elephant up close and I couldn't be more excited and thrilled. Originally, the plan was to visit an elephant sanctuary and volunteer to feed, bathe an elephant. but there were last minute changes on the plan and decided to visit the nearest elephant village in BKK instead. To be honest, the thought of riding an elephant was so exciting to me --- this was my younger self. Years after I wrote my bucketlist (yes, years. i even forgot i was into this bucket list thing before), I realized that elephant riding is some kind of animal cruelty. I'm not gonna go into details why I thought it is because for sure you, the one reading this, know what I meant. We joined a group tour to the elephant village and the tour package included riding with an elephant along the village. I cried the moment I hopped onto the seat. two things: i cried because it was surreal. like a dream coming to life. second - because i can't believe im participating into this so-called animal cruelty, which I am so against of.

with all things said and done. THIS WAS THE BEST PART OF MY TRIP AND I COULDN'T BE ANY HAPPIER. i really love elephants though. they are so majestic. I hope we treat them right coz they deserve it.

Did you get help or have company along the way?

yes. Discovery Asia Tour

What made it possible? Any advice?

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