My Bucket List Story

If i were to be asked what my fears are, the first thing on my list would probably be DEATH. It is an end to existence and a cause of grief. It is a topic i try to avoid and an event i don’t want to face,and to the people i love. But then again, what is life without death? Every time the topic is brought up, my mind wonders.. “How would i die?” “What is it like to be dead?” “What will happen to the memories i treasured during my lifetime?” “Where do i go from here?” The questions just goes on and on. Sometimes, i even imagine myself locked up in a casket being buried. Slowly, my view is covered with dirt until my sight and my mind are filled with NOTHINGNESS. If death were to knock on my door tomorrow, i’d ask it to come some other time because i’m not ready to face it yet. I haven’t done much in my life and i think that there’s so much to do. The idea of death made me come up and make a BUCKET LIST:a list of things to do before i die. I started keeping track before i went to college. So far, i have 150 things on my list and having 12 already crossed out. I admit that most of the things on my list seems immature like climb a tree, ride an old train, pull off an intense prank, and even eat a gelato. But these are the things i want to do. The things i want to experience at least once in my life. We only get to live once, that’s why we should make the most out of it. I made this blog so i can share and keep track everytime I’ve done something on my list. And i start now with the 147th on my list: MAKE A BLOG.