Go On A Pride Parade - Done!

How did it go down?

It was cool! Much safer and more comfortable than I thought it would be! I went there by subway, which I love taking, and I looked so beautiful and felt great. I am in perfect health, which I do not take for granted, and my legs did a great job not hurting too. I took many pictures and got to experience something I had never experienced before. I wasn't there for that long, and the walk was late by more than two hours, but I still loved it. I bought a lesbian flag btw! One smaller than the one I had bought years ago!

Did you get help or have company along the way?

I went with my best friend Helena, and I was wearing all pink and she was in all orange (the colors of the lesbian flag). We looked super cute and talked a lot, we had a lot of fun and she is great company to me <3 Glad to have shared that experience with her!

What made it possible? Any advice?

Taking care and being in a good mood made it possible for it to go well. I would advise you to not drink so much water during a Pride Parade, because I drink about 5L a day, and even I chose not to drink just so I wouldn't need to go to the bathroom all the time. It's really impractical to have to find a toilet in the streets, and having to worry about that sucks. I also advise you to sit down when you can, and when the cars are parked. And if you're in a world still covered in disease like I am, wear a mask even if others aren't doing the same. You're helping yourself.