Learn To Solve A Rubix Cube - Done!

How did it go down?

It started with me having no clue how to solve the cube and spending nearly 3 hours watching a video over and over again just to finally get it the first time. I completed it 2 more times before stopping for the night. This morning I memorized most of the steps, but had to look up one part near the end, then solved it. I then tried without getting help and I did It! I kept going and going until I finally timed myself and was able to finish it in 4 mins and 58 secs. I actually kept trying and retrying and my new best time is 3 mins and 3 secs.

Did you get help or have company along the way?

I used this 10 minute YouTube video to be my guide. It helped me figure out the steps to completing the cube. From there, I was able yo memorize the steps and work alone.

What made it possible? Any advice?

Be patient and get some instructions! I don't know if it's possible to solve the cube without having the knowledge on it, so it will help a lot to take the time out to watch videos and learn the technique.