Cherish every moment

In 2011, ive learned so many things. in happiness nor sadness. Life is really, unpredictable. Here i am, regretting what i didn't do to the people who have left. We don't know when is our time to leave this world. Only god knows that. It's time for me to wake up & take every chance in life to cherish all the people who hater me nor love me. Smile everyday. No one knows when is their last breath. All i wanna do is do good things, and see people happy because of it. there's no time to lose, appreciate every milisecond of life. chase your dreams, live life fully, be remembered because you've been good. not because you commit crimes, i'm sad seeing people who is never thankful with their looks, families & friends. remember if you think you're in a bad situation, always remind yourself, there are people out there experiencing worser. Be thankful everyday. Don't cry, no more tears flowing. wake up, and see its pointless swearing nor cursing people's faults. that doensn't bring any good to you, therefore, mirror yourself before saying bad things. people live with imperfections. Everybody deserves to be respected.