The year 2013

Well its been an interesting year so far to say the very least. Everything and everyone and their lives seemingly perfect?!
No! True to my beliefs, there is no such thing. Nothing, No one, nor others lives are perfect - we're all the same and yet uniquely different and you know what I'm glad!
I'm happy with my imperfect life and those around me. Perfect does not exist and is over rated.
Its been a busy year and one of unpredictability with new challenges. Timing naturally wasn't the greatest, but welcome to life, the real world!
A little bit of compassion and understanding for all and others goes a long way on such journeys, nothing new to me however.
Its been a year of discovery, truths, ups and downs, reading between the lines and bites of reality. Lets face it we can't remain in fantasy land and would we really want to?! Again - No.
The year continues progressively with still much to be seen and done, what will be will be.