Helping friends in NEED.

Ok so I admit I have done this now in countless ways over numerous years.
Kind of like the gift you keep on giving?!
Whether it be helping a friend pack, move and clean house. Yes many times with many friends, many trips.
Babysitting (or an instant migraine depending on the said child) again too often to recall.
Lets not forget the pet minding, which turns into collect the mail, put out the bins, water my plants etc for anything from 1-2 weeks.
There's always a can I borrow your husband or his tools and fool me if I'm not asked I surely offer!
The travel nanny, where I leave my family and life to assist yours so your children are minded, work isn't missed, washing, cupboards, toys etc remain organised etc.
So far these are just some things to mention, but really the greatest satisfaction comes from someone needing and appreciating help offered to them, not asked.
A friend wanting to make a new better life from ground up and I am pleased that I had a queen mattress in good condition to offer with a beautiful linen set , a single bed frame, odd sods for the bathroom, bikes for the kiddies, help with moving her into a home and toss a dozen eggs her way that were gifted to
me tonight lol (I figured on my way home she needed them more than me) End said rant for this evening