3 Funreals and a ...

I’ve had the misfortune to attend 3 funerals this year (as yet). Some more close than others… It seems as if it’s a new stage in my life. Less weddings more funerals :(

Needless to say I’ve had time to reflect on my own mortality and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to add some post-mortem goals. Yeah, yeah … I know bucketlist is about “living your dream” and all that, but why not go out in style :)

The funerals or wakes I’ve attended have seemed somewhat rigid, but I guess that is to be expected as everyone is in mourning. What I would like to have is a wake that is more like a “Rememory” (as in the movie “The Final Cut”). Not an endless video clip of my life, but some photos and (pre-recorded) stories of great experiences I’ve shared with someone. In this day and age the amount of images and video may seem endless, but nothing beats a good story.

So… where should I start … I guess I’ll gathered some post-mortem goal candidates:

At funeral:

  • Lay in a simple coffin made from drift wood or anything.
  • Get cremated (so as I don’t get mistakenly buried alive)
  • The priest throws by HAND some pure Laffjöls dirt on the coffin, while saying whatever he has to say.

At wake:

  • Serve some of my favorite foods/treats (include open bar).
  • Play some of my favorite music
  • Sing (you know what :)
  • Dance (not the macarena, as anyone would know what that is in 2068 :)