Camping near Skibotn

After camping near Skibotn we headed northeast not sure where we should head. Finally we arrive at a “cross-road” either we we hop on a ferry that will take us (part of the way) too Tromsø or we continue on the road too Alta. A coin flip later we are on the ferry, which in it’s self was an experience.

A short drive and another ferry drive later we arrive in Tromsø. I must admit I was a little surprised by the size of this northern Town/City. But the quaint streets of the Town really made an impression. However we’re not what you would call “townsfolk” so we decide to fine logging elsewhere.

We head southwest heading towards Narvik stopping only to make dinner along a beautiful river near Ostborg? Make? Yes I said make. We’ve bought a outdoor cooker so we bloody well need to use the cooker. Fully nourished, we end up driving farther than we would have liked in search of a beautiful campsite much like the one we had the night before. Finally we give up and end up in a camping near … where ever.