Finally on our way!

So last night we finally got everything packed and set the alarm to 6 am. Can’t really say I was that fresh this morning, but we did get on our way about as we expected. Actually only 15-20 minutes late. That included only one quick turn back. This doesn’t mean we remembered everything. In the car, well on our way north, we gradually started to remember stuff we’d forgotten. Hopefully nothing major (yet to be discovered) .
We made good time thanks to the GPS and its speed-camera warnings … Nevertheless you can’t stop wondering how the f**k some people got their driving license. Mail order probably :)
By early afternoon we’d made it to Europe’s biggest untamed river, Tornionjoki (Torne älv). We stopped at the Kukkolankoski-rapids for a quick look at the brute force with which the great water masses pass the little town. And after see local fishermen in action and “rewarding” our selves with a light snack (with ice-cream) we head ofor today’s final destination, Övertorneo, Sweden.

512km later that’s all I’m typing with my mobile for now. We’ll see when the next installement of our road trip will be posted.
(Should add typo disclaimer :)