Donate Blood - Done!

How did it go down?

In 2017 I wanted to help someone abd donate blood. I wasn't sure if they will accept it because when I was younger I didn't have the best blood. However sonehow my blood was good enough and they accepted me. The first time I did it was in January at my high school. I was scared about it but it didn't hurt. However, I fainted. After a few minutes everything was fine.

This November The Red Cross came on my university to take blood so I said I wanted to do it again even tho ladt time I fainted. And you know what? I fainted this time too but only because I had to eat something and I couldn't because I was waiting a classmate. I am really happy I did it and probably will again.

Did you get help or have company along the way?

I donated blood with my classmates.

What made it possible? Any advice?

I've read that one dose of blood can help up to 3 people so it is definitely worth it. This goes to anyone who's thinking about it, go ahead donate blood. It can save someone's life.