Tim Ferriss on "access to rich experiences"

Those struggling with lack of motivation and/or funding for their goals… You should head over to boingboing.net and read Avi Solomon's interview with Tim Ferriss:

"And what you find is that the deferred life plan which is based on retirement and redeeming these experiences, that are most valuable in your peak physical years, is a false paradigm. It's a very Faustian bargain and bad bet. So when I say that having incredible experiences, once in a lifetime experiences, is generally less expensive than people think, it simply results from sitting down and costing those out. So if you want an Aston Martin DB9 there are definitely ways you can do that for 1500 dollars a month, even if you purchase. And to postpone all of these bucket list experiences until 50, 60, or beyond is, I think, a very bad wager."