Sky Diving

I went Sky Diving June 4th. It was an amazing experience. It was weird because once we reached altitude, and it was my turn to jump, I had my legs hanging over the edge all I could think was wow what an amazing view. Then the next thing I knew we were doing flips in the air and then we were simply falling. It was breath taking, haha literally.

Then soon we opened the shoot and began to drift downwards. I got slightly air sick so we didn't make many turns. Because of this, we landed in a nearby field and they had to come pick us up in a truck, but all in all it was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone.


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  • Cindy0964 That is my most recent addition and I actually want to do it by summer. How was the landing part...that is what I am most afraid of. And also, where did you go. I live in Louisiana. Thanks

    Feb. 8, 2012 |
  • PhilippaRose I agree, it is an amazing experience one not to miss out on!. It made me laugh when you said you got air sick I was the same, except he did still turn abit and we took a lot longer to reach the ground because others where landing so we had to wait for others to get off the landing strip. Where did you skydive from?

    Jan. 1, 2012 |