Kicking the Bucket in High Heels

As I come to the beginning of my third year at university I am slowly becoming aware that I am ready to settle down and get on with life and become a 'grown up' however, along with these thoughts I am aware although I may be ready for children and marriage I have not actually lived. I live well within my means (most of the time anyway) and this limits me to what I can do.

So this morning I sat down and wrote my bucket list. It looks quite long but a lot of it will not cost too much money. For example, all I need is a glass bottle, a piece of paper and a pen for one of them. Some will cost a bit more but if I'm sensible I should be able to do it all.

Some may be reading and thinking 'OK, another blog about someone travelling the world and taking posed pictures in front of wold landmarks' but I'm going to do it a bit different, I am an Essex girl, born and raised, and I have decided that I will do this in style and with a bit of glamour (even if I am not the most glamorous Essex girl). Every photo will be taken in a way that represents my home county (and will quite possibly feature the token white stilettos that accompany the image of the Essex girl on a regular basis).

I'm hoping some of my friends will be able to help me out with this bucket list and may even accompany me on some of my journeys, mainly to be photographer and for some companionship. It may also help them tick some things off their bucket lists.

I have created an online bucket list so that it can be public to those reading this and will attach a link so readers can track my progress and even provide suggestions of things you think I must do before I kick the bucket.

Happy reading!