Starting the List

I feel calm when I knit

I feel joy when I do kind things for others

I feel joy when I see something beautiful or read an inspirational book

I feel content when I run

I feel love when I receive kindness

I feel peaceful when I meditate

I feel calm when I complete a task that I've been anxious about

I feel content after I write on my blog


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  • Noelien Your blog confirms a thought I had earlier this week: I need to seriously DO or create the things that brings me joy. Thanx. Feeling frustrated and irritated by only having time for responsibilities and left tired. I'm going to look at the things I enjoy doing, places I love being, sounds I love to hear, smells I love to smell and highlight what effect each has on me. Have blessed 2015 - Noelien, South Africa

    Jan. 1, 2015 |