The history behind....

So, my story starts many many years ago, i was 17 when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and told I would never have kid, at 18 they thought the best treatment would be a hysterectomy, however, they discovered i was pregnant !! Unfortunately, I lost the baby and a few more after that but when I was 21 I had my daughter, followed a few years later by my son ( he is autistic and ADHD), then a third child when I was 26. After this one, the endo came back with a vengence and the doctors decided to perform the hysterectomy when i was 28. So after all this my doctors didn't know what HRT to put me on and after several back and forths, they pretty much just forgot about me. Ten years later, pain and discomfort led to the discovery that I had osteoporosis, brought on by no HRT and it was irreversible. I have medication to help maintain my bone strength, but I am at risk of breaking bones easily, and also in a lot of pain mainly with my back and legs due to this.

So dealing with all this whilst having to also struggle with an autistic/ADHD child, my other 2 children helping out in the home as much as they can and my husband working his ass off to make sure we have a roof over our heads and bills paid. I still  worked, I doubled my pain meds to do this, but a couple of years ago i had to give up the more active part of my job. 

Then 4 years ago,December 2016, I started having trouble with basic tasks and my breathing. I was then diagnosed with Stage 2 COPD and decided my doctor gives out really shit Xmas pressies, plus oh great more medication.

Then in July 2018 I started having some episodes... right side of my face would droop and my head would go woosy..... mention to the doctor he said it sounded like i was having TIA's and should call an ambulance next time I have one... ( I was having about 15/16 of these a day, but I have too much going on at home to be able to go to the hospital) oh and I may be a bit stubborn. So in December my friend had had enough and called the ambulance for me, after head scan and MRI's it was discovered that I have a Brain Tumour..... non malignant by the way which is good, but apparently not just a regular one, it had to be a rare schwannona between my jugular and carteroid arteries on my hypoglossal gland and its inoperable... I call him Brian, and get so annoyed because of the restrictions he has put on my already restricted life. I describe it like a pressure cooker, anything that involves a little bit of oomph like bending down to lift something and Brian lets me know he is there by sending shooting pains through my head, so as long as I don't lift anything, poop, orgasm or sneeze, i'm all good!!!

Now I am having more trouble with my breathing, its putting more strain on my heart and i'm now having cardio provblems. I'm also showing symptoms on rheumatoid arthritis in my hand and ankles, but the doc can't give me any more pain medication as i'm pretty muched maxed out. 

I still work, i work from home 5 days a week and then work at a cafe the other 2 days.... my wages are going into the house DIY that needs doing, so my husband has less to stress about whenI do go.

Everyday for me is now a fight... and I don't know how much of a fight i have left.

If you have read this far... thank you for your patience...