#59 Finish my documentary: Saving HuManatee

It took months of preparing, a week of filming, two months and an uncountable amount of hours to edit but it is finally complete! I couldn't be happier with the result, and it is true that hard work really pays off. This experience has made me realize to appreciate everything in life and charish every moment.

The story takes place in crystal river Florida, my mom, my best friend, and myself drove down from Detroit MI to swim with the manatees. The trip inspired us to educate others about the endangered species that touched us so deeply. They are amazing creatures and everyone should be given a chance to swim with them.

Finishing this documentary has shown me what i need to be doing in life, to use my art to teach others and make a difference in the world.

Please watch and share this film to spread education about endangered species and helping the enviroment!