Tribe more than just housewives!

Slug: m-j-hwives
Creator: Mary
Created: Nov. 12, 2011

Have you lost your sense of identity? Who are you now that you're married, have a bunch of kids, daily house hold things like laundry to tackle? I personally have 3 wonderful children and a spectacular husband. Yet, some days I long for adventure, for some new and exciting thing. Nothing is more exciting than finding some horrible dish growing penacillen in the back of the fridge, or that a crayon snuck its way into an un-suspecting pants pocket that is now in your dryer. If you have goals that you want to complete for yourself before your number is up, this is the tribe for you! Let us know what makes you who you are. What drives you? What ere your goals before you had a family? Let it out girls!

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