Tribe ItsMyBucketListTribe

Slug: itsmybucketlist
Creator: DrEricORogers
Created: Aug. 16, 2013

Hi, I am Dr. Rogers, Psychology Professor (Chicago, Illinois) and welcome to my life and world travel tribe or group. Its My Bucket List is our virtural travel ship into the world of living beyond are wildest dreams. It is here that we share our ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences, goals, visions, plans, dreams and accomplishments that we are interested in doing, experiencing or having before we kick the bucket (or leave planet earth). I am world traveler, educator, author, professor, life coach and bucket list advocate ! So lets get busy living or get busy dying. The choice is yours. My plans in the next few months or year include world travel to Honolulu, Hawaii, Rome, Italy, and London, England. I'm planning now to stop in Rio De Janerio, Barazil for the next world's olympics in 2016. So join me and share your bucket list ideas, thoughts, dreams, plans, goals.

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