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In The Travel Bag (travelbag)
For those with travel sites to see such as: Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Giza, European River Cruise, Eiffel Tower, Amalfi Coast Italy, Venice Italy, Iguazu Fall SA, Machu Picchu SA, Ayers Rock Australia, New Zealand, Yosmite CA and ECT.
Members: 210
Topics: 3
Determined2Change (d2c)
People who want to make a difference, who know that making goals is the way to get places. Positive to do lists that help with shaping the life we always wanted.
Members: 196
Topics: 4
Vagabond travel (vagabond)
Tribe for the budget traveller ... camping, couch surfing, wwoofing...
Members: 191
Topics: 3
1440 (1440)
1440 is a social group focused on living a life that maximizing every one of the 1,440 minutes that God gives us every day. We are a group a focused on growing together and challenging each other through radical experiences.
Members: 79
Topics: 1
Dream Catchers (dc)
This Tribe is for anyone of any age out to catch their dreams, needs help or someone to talk to.
Members: 62
Topics: 2
Better World Tribe (betterworld)
For people who want to create a better world through action -- working to end hunger and violence, to create peace, to help build sustainable communities, to improve literacy and learning around the world, to keep children and women safe -- for human rights activists, Peace Corp, Amnesty Intl, nonprofit volunteers, aid workers -- no religious or political affiliation -- just working to help our fellow human beings.
Members: 60
Topics: 3
Photographer (photography)
A Tribe For All People Who Love Photography or Want To Be A Photographer.
Members: 48
Topics: 1
High School Senior Year Bucket List (hs_senior_year)
For people who created a bucket list for their senior year of high school
Members: 42
Topics: 3
You Only Live Once (yolo)
A group that's main focus is to live impulsively in order to take advantage of everyday
Members: 32
Topics: 3
the three six fivers tribe (365s)
this is the tribe for people who chose to turn their list into what to do before the end of the year ..365 things . one for each day of the year .
Members: 27
Topics: 2