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How to Solve Wireless Camera WiFi Interference?

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If you suffer from wireless surveillance camera WiFi interference, you cannot view your home/business locally and remotely. WiFi signal loss would lead to video loss, which makes you have no knowledge of what’s happening to your property when you are not there. How to solve or reduce your wireless security camera WiFi interference problems? GET the 3 useful ways below to troubleshoot WiFi interference of your wireless security ...

How long can a wireless wifi jammer generally work?

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As we all know, cell phone signal jammer can use up its battery very quickly, especially for those handheld signal jammers. At present, most of the cell phone jammers have built-in batteries and they will be recharged when your device is out of power. But there are also some jamming devices without built-in battery and you should connect them with external power supply. So today we will talk about how ...

History of wireless wifi bluetooth jammer

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What you should know about a wifi Bluetooth jammer
Bluetooth technology is widely used all around to connect devices and transfer files such as music and documents. A bluetooth signal jammer is a device that blocks the signal. There are many reasons why people might want to do this, but some potential implications as well.

A Brief Background on Bluetooth

Bluetooth was created back in 1994, but it only became ...

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