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36 Acts of Kindness: 2 down and 34 to go..

Posted by tiffanydawntiffanydawn

I completed my 2nd of 36 acts of kindness for before my 36th Birthday.

At it again...this time making #giftbags for one of my Community Boards. It's hard to get gifts for people who are not in need, but I wanted to say #thankyou for all the hard work they do. Around the #holidays, everyone loves warm drinks and treats... so I got them a coffee mug, candy, hot ...

Friends will be friends

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

Here we see a prime example of how a friend can bring joy to each other's lives :) I think Queen said it best in their song Friends will be friends: "...Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end"

Paying it forward to a friend #PIFD @bucketlist

Haven't had a chance to try bungee jumping as yet. The reason probably being that I'm too picky. I don't want to jump ...

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