1. Wine tasting #bucketlist

    Fall is prime time to tour vineyards and wine tasting is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Get a group of friends and family together for an adventure into wine country. Learn how to appreciate the subtle differences of grapes, stroll through the vines and unleash your inner oenophile.

  2. Go on a picnic #bucketlist

    Celebrate the colorful change of season, with a picnic in your favorite forest or park. Take a feast of fall treats, including apple pie, harvest corn cakes, caramel cookies and anything with pumpkin in it. Aim to bake everything yourself and your kitchen will smell amazing for days!

  3. Learn to cook #bucketlist There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be the one to host Thanksgiving dinner, but, for that, you need to learn how to cook. It's never too late to start :) Ask family members for their favorite recipes or go to a local cooking school to learn the basics. It’s a skill everyone gets to enjoy, that’ll be useful for the rest of your life.

  4. See a meteor shower #bucketlist

    If you’ve never seen a shooting star, a meteor shower looks similar, on a much grander scale. Go on a meteor shower hunt with your friends to spend time together in nature. They happen many times a year, so find out when one is scheduled to happen near you and watch as hundreds of celestial fireballs light up the fall skies

  5. Knit a scarf #bucketlist

    You don’t have to wait until you’re retired, to try the art of knitting. If someone in your family regularly knits, get a few lessons and give it a go. The benefits include gaining a relaxing hobby, encouraging your creativity and having a range of new scarves ready for winter weather!

  6. Jump in a Pile of Leaves #bucketlist

    The smell of fresh earth, bright reds, oranges and yellows and that satisfying crunch characterizes jumping into a pile of leaves. Dive head first, run through them and collapse in a heap or simply sit on top of a freshly raked pile and throw leaves in the air till your heart’s content.

  7. Go to a Farmers Market #bucketlist

    The produce available in fall means it’s time to hit the Farmers Markets, so you don’t miss out on the seasons best, and healthiest, foods. Look out for crunchy apples, winter squash, shallots, sweet potatoes, pears, pumpkins and figs to add to your Thanksgiving dinner menu.

  8. Drink Hot Chocolate with the One You Love

    What could be cozier, than sipping hot chocolate with the one you love? Plan to make this Thanksgiving a time to strengthen your relationship bonds, by making time to do something special. Spend an evening together by a crackling fire, with hot chocolate and romance for entertainment.

  9. Go Black Friday Shopping and Get What You Want

    Going shopping on Black Friday might take a bit of saving, so pop it on your BucketList early in the year. Aim to give thanks to yourself, by having enough money to buy whatever you like or by booking that experience your always dreamt of >>

  10. Make cider #bucketlist

    Nothing says fall like a tempting cup of warm cider. It’s the perfect drink for celebrating Thanksgiving and even better when you make it yourself. It’s really easy, with just a few ingredients, such as apples, cinnamon and sugar. Just boil up the fruit, stir in the dry ingredients, strain and refrigerate, ready to serve cold or warm to your guests.

  11. Create a Family Tree #bucketlist

    How often do you catch up with family and actually listen to your grandparent’s tales of a time long ago? Do you ever ask them what it was like to live in a different time? Try it and you might be surprised to discover a wealth of fascinating insights into the differences between generations and about how the world has changed. Many people regret not talking to their elders more, when they had the chance to, so make this Thanksgiving the one to take an interest.