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Recommendations Or Software Copies (Legal) For Book Writing

Does anyone have an extra licensed copy of any good voice to text software that would help with quickly finishing a fun book: "Always Keep Your Spoon - a fun, funny, and informative guide to extended hospital stays." A few chapter titles: You may not need your bikini but don't forget the salt shaker (things to bring); It's your room not your cell (finding things to do); Oh NO You DIDN'T! - having a "come to Jesus" meeting with a health care provider. (+10 more chapters) I'd be grateful for any suggestions of GOOD freeware out there that handles voice to text as well. I've found that there are two ways people handle a serious illnes, like mine - lymphoma. Group 1 sees it as a hatchet, chopping off their life and looking at things coming to an end. The other group sees it as just another one of life's big challenges and beating an illness doesn't necessarily mean a full recovery. It means that you won't let it cheat you out of making the rest of your life whatever it can be. I hope this book can help keep a few people from becoming part of that first group and I appreciate any help that can be given with regards to getting this quickly written and or published when done.
While funds are in short supply when not working and not well, I'm glad to offer anything from an ear to listen to being a resource for the world traveler's out there. (I stopped counting 10 years ago when did a detailed map check and had hit 138 countries visited. And last, I'd offer whatever organizational assistance to getting these things done that comes my way - to the best of my ability.

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