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Stage 4 Cancer Guy W. A Wish To Build A School Garden/Greenhouse

As someone with stage 4 cancer, I've been blessed with the time and reasonable health to keep moving forward with some unfinished and sometimes redirected goals. One of which stems from the informal gathering of neighborhood kids after school at my place where we create art or learn about rocks, the weather, the environment, or anything else that i can cram in there to add some real world reinforcement to the text book stuff they get in class. I'd like to build a greenhouse to do 3 things: first, to start edible plantings that could be harvested this winter and prepared for after school snacks or in some cases dinner for a few financially challenged kids in the neighborhood. Second, to have seedlings ready to transplant come springtime at the local elementary school for use by the cafeteria in preparing school lunches,and third, to have another tool available to teach the art of growing things to my little mental sponges!

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