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Sending Letters/ Postcards

Hi! I have a dream for my best friend Maria. She really loves postcards and letters. She is the nicest, strongest and most honest person I have ever met. I do not know the way she does it but she always knows what to say when you are sad and have a bad day. She, her smile and encouraging words are always here for you. And she has never complained. She has never complained about her life, her problems and that she has to listen to your problems all days. She encourages others to be better people and changes this world to a better place. On June, she is eighteen and I think it would be an amazing idea when she will receive some encouraging words from others for a change. Maybe she never talks about her problems but everybody has some. When you are eighteen, you are usually afraid of future and new challenges which are waiting for you. Probably you hesitate to do every small step because everything is new for you. She is not any exception, she is scary too. It would be amazing if she get a bundle of letters and postcards full of encouraging words, advices, stories, love on her birthday. It must be amazing when you know all the world know that today is your birthday, the big day when you are already adult. But you are not already scary because even the foreign people from the far parts of the world believe in you, your abilities, know that you can do it and now you know it too.
I can send you a postcard or a letter in exchange for yours.

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