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Who Uses Gps Jammers?

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GPS jammers were originally made by the government and were designed for military use. Hiding the vehicle location is critical to the success of the mission. These devices act as cloaks, providing the military with privacy, increased security and an overall advantage in high-risk situations. Among civilians, some speeders may use GPS jamming device to try to stop police detection and avoid fines. Criminals use GPS jammers as a cover for vehicle theft or to avoid toll or mileage charges. In the fleet world, drivers can use GPS jamming to prevent employers from knowing where they are going in a company vehicle. https://www.jammer-mart.com/tracker-scrambler-app.html Are GPS Jammers Legal? GPS jamming is illegal in many countries, such as the US, Canada, and the UK. In the United States, the Federal Communications Act of 1934 prohibits the marketing, sale or use of GPS signal jammer. In Canada, the Radio Communications Act also prohibits the import, manufacture, distribution, sale, possession and use of GPS jamming equipment. https://www.jammer-mart.com/portable-gps-blockers-jammers... Where gps jammers are used? Signal jammers from trackers are also known as anti-trackers. Their use is justified when it is necessary to exclude satellite monitoring of your van, motorcycle, car, which can be equipped with tracking devices. Therefore, the position of the vehicle will be hidden and it will allow you to move freely and safely in any direction you choose. This mini gps jammer is good for your car. It should be remembered that the level of suppression affects the power of the device. The higher it is, the larger the radius of interference on a given frequency, and the less likely the satellite will touch the tracker. If the anti-tracker turns on within 15 seconds, you can be sure that for satellites, your car will remain where the jammer was when the jammer was active. If this device continues to work, the beacon has been unable to transmit data about the movement of the transport. GPS and GLONASS frequency ranges do not affect mobile communications. That said, you're free to use your phone and other devices with frequencies that don't match the above while you're on the go. https://www.jammer-mart.com/mini-gps-jammer-for-usb.html @perfectjammer

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