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Write A Short Book: "Always Keep Your Spoon" - A Funny Guide To Hospital Stays

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In March of 2012, 3 days before my 48th birthday I was in the hospital getting a diagnosis of of advanced non-hodgekins lymphoma and over the next 9 months I had 22 hospital stays - the shortest 6 days, the longest 23 days. And during these times, I learned a few things about staying upbeat, sane, and alive and how important it was to find a way to laugh each and every day. I don't claim credit for this IDEA, but I took it to heart when hospital caretakers - nurses, technicians, food service - began (independently of each other) telling me: "Mr. D..., you need to write a book!" I got the same message from several friends and family members. All of them saying that what I'd learned about getting through the hard parts of cancer treatments would help others too. Well, all of those folks must see something in what i have to (potentially) say, LOL, so OK - It looks like I am gonna try and write a book. Bennett

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