Before I die I want to...
Go To Hawaii

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403 buckaroos have listed 'Go To Hawaii' as one of their life goals:

Go on vacation for the first time in my life


I really love islands even though I've never actually been to one. I also want to try out the life style.


Go to the beaches Drive around the island Eat delicious food and drink piƱa colada Go have fun with my partner Learn about the History and Culture from Hawaiian people Go to museums Take pictures and videos Create memories to cherish forever


relax in Honolulu and enjoy Maui beach.


Aloha! Learning how to surf from the originators. Get to know a wise old speaking turtle. Dance the night away with flowers around my neck. Maybe learn the ukelele!


I've always wanted to take a trip to Hawaii when I was much younger mainly because of the scenery and the Hawaiian Culture


my parents went and its beautiful.


I want to get a tattoo. What inspired me was that my Mom and dad have tattoos.


My husband and I have never had a lot of 'help' with our children. We were both only children growing up and our parents are not very involved in our lives. With four children, it would be difficult to go somewhere just the two of us for any length of time. After 10 years of marriage it would be nice to take a trip, just the two of us.


I love their beaches and culture


It is some place I haven't been.


Hawaii sounds beautiful, and my parents went there recently,and brought souvenirs, and they were cool.


because everyone else has been there, and I want to go.


Hawaii seems like a really nice place to stay for a while


I probably would want to live there!


I want to see one of those beautiful sunsets myself, and not just through other peoples pictures.


I want to go to Hawaii and visit all the islands.


Hawaii is the mythical heaven of my people (Maori from New Zealand). Wanted to see what heaven looked like.


with friends on the ocean lakehouse


I want to visit Hawaii with my amazing husband at least one time!


Aloha! Who doesn't want to visit Hawaii? With its breathtaking beaches, active volcanoes and luau entertainment, the possibilities are endless here!


Hopefully for our 20th Anniversary!