Before I die I want to...
Go Skydiving

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2131 buckaroos have listed 'Go Skydiving' as one of their life goals:

I want to go skydiving, be the adrenaline junkie I've always wanted to be


Go skydiving!!I was almost has a chance to do it but I did not get to do it because now that friends moved back to China so I need to do it.


finding the courage to skydive, and not die before i get up there


It just something i always wanted to try.


I choose this because i always wanted to go skydiving


This always seemed fun to me, and something cool I want to do.


I would love to feel what it’s like to fly through the air.


Skydiving because nothing is too scary for me 😎


Going back to school for forensics


I was inspired by Tom Cruise to do this, at least in part. I want to do this in The Wilderness. I think it would be amazing, thrilling, and the experience of a lifetime! I can just imagine the thrill and adrenaline rush one would get from this! I need to wake up! I want to wake up!


My hole family has had cancer and I have a rare disease which causes calcification in my brain and I want to complete these bucket lists. Before my inability to do normal tasks worsen


i wanna go skydiving over the atlantic ocean


Go skydiving. Face my fear of heights.


Wanna go to Brisbane and try sky diving


I want to go skydiving before I die


I want to raise money for the charity Mind UK, and I think raising it this way will be an adrenaline filled experience.


I love the feeling of adrenaline pumping in my veins. I love to see the world from way up in the sky. I've seen so many videos. This might happen in next 3 months.


Want to challenge my fear of falling.


see the world in a different prespective


I want to experience what it is like to jump out of an airplane at a high-speed, to go through clouds, to see the city from up above, and to get my heart racing.


This goes hand and hand with my goal to lose weight (as there is a weigh limit for jumping). I know it would be quite the adrenaline rush, and I'm a bit of a thrill seeker, so this is something I've wanted to do for a long time.


Adrenaline Rush and the sense of achievement


I just feel like it would be the best feeling ever, and it would force me to overcome my fear of heights


Even though I’m afraid of heights I feel like it would be fun to do


জীবনে যদি একটু অ্যাডভেঞ্চার না হোলো তাহলে জীবনের মূল্য কোথায় ? আসমান থেকে ঝাপ দেবনা তাই কি হয়? বাংলাদেশে ও স্কাই ডাইভ দেওয়া যায় । জীবনে ১ বার এর সাধ নেব ।


I want to bring people along on my adventure to do things everyone dreams of doing.


I have always wanted to go ever since I was a kid.


Go skydiving to get rid of my fear of heights... hopefully :)


Watching TFIL and Sam and Colby videos inspired me to want to skydive! Also I just really want to go beyond the norm!


Free-falling seems really fun and it would be a sense of freedom


I've always wanted to feel what a bird feels!


I have always wanted to sky dive


I've always wanted to try it.


It would be scary but a lot of fun


I'm scared of skydiving, but i'm hoping to try it out!


to see what it is like to be one of the many men and women who died in plane crashes


I hate heights and fear falling so this is the best way to conquer this fear!


Just take a trip and jump out of a plane! Who wouldn't want to do that?!


I want to try this out, Moment of Bliss


logan paul inspierd me to chase my dreams and do what i do best


As crazy as it sounds I, like many people, have the desire to plummet down from a flying piece of metal with another person strapped to my back who owns the sheet of nylon that will prevent me from plunging to my death. Yeah...


I have always wanted to go skydiving! I seek the thrill I guess


To skydive over a beautiful location and not cry :)


I have always wanted to go skydiving. I love flying in planes, and I think skydiving will make me feel like I'm flying.


I've seen plenty of people go skydiving on the internet & on TV & it just seems so fun


I would love to do this somewhere awesome with a fantastic view, like in Bora Bora.


go up in the sky, jump out of a plane and skydive the hell outta my life


Sight from where world appear small! All above the clouds


be able to jump out of plane and not die :)


Have some fun in the sky and go skydiving with my boyfriend.