Before I die I want to...
Go Skydiving

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1275 buckaroos have listed 'Go Skydiving' as one of their life goals:

Have some fun in the sky and go skydiving with my boyfriend.


i want go skydiving over the grand canyon


Jump out of an airplane and 10,000 feet to feel alive!!!


I want to go skydiving with my family/friends by January 8th, 2028.


Go skydiving with my family and friends


To take a leap into something new


Im scared of heights and want to over come it


I want to skydive because I know for a fact that I will regret it if I don't.


<a href="">Picture of skydiving</a>


I want to feel a rush and just see the world from a different point of view


The reason I want to skydive is because i am scared of heights and hopefully after I do it I won't be scared anymore


I want to go skydiving. I've always heard how my uncle has done it and how fun it is, so I want to try it.


I just want to experience what it's like falling from a large height


I grew up being afraid of heights and I believe this is the final step to overcome that fear.


Already 2 years behind on this hoal


It would be fun to go skydiving. I've always wondered what it would feel like to fall from extreme heights


I've always wanted to do this, especially in Colorado where I can see the mountains


it is such an extreme thing to do and I hope it can help me to push back my limits


I want to feel adrenaline. When I jump out of the airplane, I want to scream, and let everything out. I want to feel free.


i want to go skydiving just to get it over with


I want to face my ultimate fear of heights and take a plunge out of a plane. Falling freely towards the earth before deploying my life saving parachute.


This scares me MUCHLY, the idea of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane into space, but it seems like such a wonderful thrill!


Push fear out of my mind and live life to the extreme.


I want to raise money for cancer research, as my Grampy fought cancer and won and I would like the chance to help other people kick cancer's butt!


I want to experience the insane adrenaline rush and prove to myself that I have the courage to do anything.


Go jump out of a plane with some friends


Skydive from high heights from the sky.


to prove to myself i can do it.


I wanna prove that is birds can fly.. so do we..


I'm afraid of heights, so I'd like to do this to overcome the fear


I wish to overcome my fear of heights by going skydiving.


Somewhere with a beautiful landscape and exotic birds I can pass while descending towards a maximum velocity.


It would a thrill to fall out of a plane. You'd be able to get a nice view of the ground below. Also able to touch the clouds


I like the idea of being up in the clouds and soaring through the air.


I am terrified of heights, so its not just for fun but also to conquer my fear.


seems so dangerous but its a beautiful kind of dangerous


We had planned to go skydiving with my dad when he was sick with cancer. He died before we got the chance.


I have always had a fear of heights...but I love the freedom of the bird that can soar with the wind holding them up. I want to know how it feels to soar, literally and overcome my fear of falling...literally.


I have always wanted to be able to fly and I feel like skydiving would be the closest I can ever come to it and feel alive.


I'm afraid of heights so this would be a big feat for me. I'd also like to believe that it could be very relaxing. I'd like to do this in my middle age more than really old.


I have been afraid of heights since I was little and I feel that skydiving would give me an oppertunity to feel fearless!


closest you can get to flying…downward


Just a dream and the adventurous person inside me.


I love that stomach-dropping feeling of falling, plus I love heights and the views from such.


I've wanted to do this ever since I was in Jr. High! Growing up I was always pegged the fragile and shy girl, but I envisioned a bolder and more life-loving future for me!I've made a lot of progress since then but skydiving has still remained that un-checked #1. "Hold on" by the Jonas Brothers is my ironic theme song for this dream.


i think it would be a great experience


jumping off a 60 ft cliff in Puerto Rico


I hear it is a life-changing experience and I would love to fly through the air and get that adrenaline


I want to see the world from the sky


It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, I need to save up the money to do it.