Before I die I want to...
Go Camping

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Camping is one of those things that I don't think the experience of camping in itself is enough to motivate me to want to do it. I mean, I loved camping under the stars when we had to for Kilimanjaro, etc. hikes, but I really didn't love sleeping in the tent and on the ground during Patagonia. It is also more of glamping. I also didn't love glamping in the Tesla with Justin, but it was fine. I didn't hate it and I would do that again because it is convenient to save money in the parks and just wake up there in the lot and hike, but I'd rather not sleep in a trunk or on the ground in a sleeping bag now that I'm older and more pain is setting in.


I want to go camping alone, with friends or family....


I want to go out, experience nature, and sleep outside in a traditional camping trip. Maybe just one night though, because you know how psychos are.


U stay face to face with nature. This feeling take your breath.


I have all the camping stuff but have never been. I have resheduled twice.


I have wanted to go camping for a long time, but never had the opportunity. I know Jakki loves the outdoors and she has been camping, so i am def excited to go with her!


I've always wanted to have an all Gay camping experience with my friends. Never had the opportunity and most of the Gay camping I can find is mostly sex related or Glamping.


go on another beach camping with only bae, friends and/or cousins


I would love to wake up and step outside my tent to fields and trees.


Go camping with a bunch of friends


Time doesn't stop for's now or never


...somewhere in a forest with no electricity!


As a child we could only afford to go camping as our annual family holiday, we went to broad farm camping site, Norfolk broads every year, but I really loved going there, such happy memories for me and my family. Camping was so easy and free just loved it so much


I have never gone because bugs eat me alive. I'm just gonna grab the off and try to stay alive.


Maybe even learn how to put up a tent!


I want to be completely self reliant for a night. I want to be out in nature with little to no technology.


I want to go camping in the woods in a tent, not someone's backyard


O: Outdoor camping trip with my family (husband & daughter)


As a kid camping was glorious and I could not wait to go.


No phones, no internet, no tv, just the beauty of nature. :-)


Because I haven't gone on a REAL camping my entire life..


I have always wanted to see if i could last a whole night away from my bed, roasting marshmallows.


I've never been properly camping