Before I die I want to...
Sky Diving

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217 buckaroos have listed 'Sky Diving' as one of their life goals:

Have the chance to sky dive at least once


Do the extreme and jump out of a plane.


Want to feel the zeeo-gravity and have a vision of a flying bird !


seems fun to do. Also fun to do with friends


It's a fearless act I want to take.


To be different. To try something new and dangerous. To feel alive. To experience what it must be like to be a bird. Even if only for a second.


Do everything that she wished for


The feeling of fly, the only thing animals can do and humans don't. The feeling of freedom, libertation


I don't mind heights and by brother Jack went Skydiving recently and he said it was amazing!


Watching someone in a movie do it.


I have a love for flying. When life became too much to bear, I would have a dream of just lifting off the ground and flying above my problems. I knew my problems still existed but for just a little while I had enough peace to recollect my thoughts and get a break from them. I love heights and love enjoying the freedom of being in the air.


I would like to go sky diving for my 30th birthday!


It seems like such a pure adrenaline rush; the experience would be amazing!


The ultimate feeling of falling.....


It looks like such a rush and looks so much fun!


cause its cool and we sould just do it


Done at Skydive Spaceland, Rosharon Texas. TWICE! May and August 2012

@suhaila1987 cost: tandem skydive on weekend 220.00


i want to be able to feel what its like to just be free falling. nothing but air surrounding you.


I've always wanted to skydive… but someone needs to push me out of the plane!


I want to experience the feeling of falling freely trough the air and live to tell about it.