Before I die I want to...
Help Someone In Need

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73 buckaroos have listed 'Help Someone In Need' as one of their life goals:

I want tot help as many people as i can


I want to help people who are less fortunate than me and I love meeting and becoming friends with new people. It gives me a purpose.


I want to help people who have nothing to give back what i take.


Its could make someones day month or year.


I want to help people at the first chance I see. To be happy you must be able to make someone else happy.


I chose to include this because I love to help people and I want to help someone. Maybe not just one person maybe a whole group of people/families.


Finding love for myself has made me find love for others.


Lately I've been feeling the need to do more for the world. If that means going somewhere like Africa or Haiti or something to help then that would be sufficient. I want to give more to this world than I am right now.


I would like to help a good person whom might need/want something they can't achieve on their own but would have a large impact on their life. Examples help some get into college, get a dream job, kick an unhealthy habit, etc.


I'd like to help someone in a big way. I want to be totally anonymous and do something that changes someones life forever