Before I die I want to...
Go Skydiving :)

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296 buckaroos have listed 'Go Skydiving :)' as one of their life goals:

i want to get over my fear of heights


two words that inspired me "SEEK DISCOMFORT"


Did this twice. First time from a Cessna and second in a Kingair both at 14k ft.


To be brave enough to go skydiving


I want to go and be brave enough to do it and then be able to say I have been skydiving.


I want to go skydiving.Jump out of the plane scared shitless


I always have been since I started wondering what might be the most adrenaline pumping action


I have wanted to skydive ever since my first year at uni, but especially since doing a bungee jump and watching my favourite movie, Point Break.


I have a fear of leaving the ground and heights. I think this covers both.


Life is short. You only live once. Carpe Diem.


I want to do something adventurous


I would love to go skydiving! Fly through the air and skydive!:D


I've always been the adventurous kind and I wondered how liberating and exhilarating the experience could be to just jump into thin air. Would I be scared? Would I back-off? Would I have a mini heart attack?


its something that i always wanted to do.


Want to try it and just be able to say I've done it.


i just wanna feel free and the adrenaline.


I want to go skydiving. As much as possible. I plan to start at Snoqualmie in Washington state


I just want to go sky diving at least once


I met a woman on a plane who said skydiving was incredible, and the moment her parachute opened, it was like God had reached down and caught her in His hand. I've always wanted to try it since then. :)


to have that wonderful feeling of falling through the clouds as I've imagined since I was very young. To experience pure joy... I can't wait to go!!!


i always wanted to fly and be free.


Push your fear of heights by jumping out of a plane.


I want to feel the rush of wind. Skydiving is as close to flying as a person can get.


I'm petrified of heights, but I'm too curious about skydiving to not do it! Would prefer to go with someone who has already done it.


just jump out of a plane and fall to the beautiful Earth that is waiting below