Before I die I want to...
Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

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Seeing other travel bloggers and just wanting to experience the magic


When I visited Cappadocia, Turkey (two times), I did NOT get the chance to ride the hot air balloon because of the weather conditions. I will do it somewhere before I die!


An interesting way to view the land below us.


There's just something with me and heights... and the open air... I think it would be great to feel the wind and see the terrain from above.


I have always been fascinated by a hot air balloon


I just love flying! Maybe a bird in a past life!


I want to ride in a hot air balloon with my spouse enjoy wine and a dinner or snack.


Last year I got the opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon with my friend Elise.


I've always wanted to go on an out of this world experience. And thinking around and trying to piece together what I wanted to do, it was an amazing idea to go for a hot air balloon ride. Just being so high in the sky and looking down at a world bigger than imagined, becoming so far away would be a spectacle to remember for a lifetime.


I'm a 90's kid who grew up on 80's-00's cartoons. When I was in elementary school I watched movies on loop ALL. THE. TIME. One of which was Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Chipmunk Adventure where they traveled around the world in hot air balloons. Let me tell you, this amazed me as a kid! I always thought hot air balloons were cool but I had never seen them in real life before just on TV and online. WELL. . I currently live in Georgia and apparently there is a hot air balloon festival between May and June! I hope to be able to attend either with my family or with my best friend in 2019.


Seeing amazing photos and trying something new


I want to ride in a hot air balloon in New Mexico.


See the world from a different view


I want to ride in a hot air balloon!!!


I think being able to ride in a ballon that's carrying you would be so awesome! You could see the land and water below and everyone will look like ants and he house look so tiny!


Just want to feel free and see things from a different view


Ideally I would love to take a hot air baloon ride over the Cappadocia mountains in Turkey with the breathtaking views. What an experience!


Another one of my moms dreams and a big one of mine, is to ride in a hot air balloon. I would like all 7 of us in my family to go. I don't know if they all will want to then or not though. let me know if you can help. We live in Ohio. The sooner the better. :)


I'm not sure if I could do this, but would try it once.


I'm from a place where they have a great hot air balloon race every summer and I always enjoyed watching the brightly colored balloons move against the sky since I was a kid.


It seems so peaceful and fun, and definitely something that I want to experience.


It looks like fun and the balloons look so beautiful once up in the air.


This looks so relaxing! To just drift across the sky.


We have a Balloonfest every year where I live so it would be an easy and interesting new thing to try.


early morning hot air balloon ride!


iv always wanted to be up high and look down on the world.


They are so beautiful and colorful and offer amazing views!


I want to ride in a hot air balloon.


Always wanted to do it. Amazing way to travel.


I really want to experience this, of course with the one I love.


This is a dream we've had for quite a while. We live in the country and see them fly by our house all the time landing in nearby cornfields but we have never had the opportunity to be in one ourselves!!! So close yet so far away - we want to make that dream a reality making the sky close and the earth far away :)


I want to ride in a hot air balloon.


Egypt 2005. Flight over the Valley of the Kings and River Nile at sunrise!