Before I die I want to...
Go To Germany

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205 buckaroos have listed 'Go To Germany' as one of their life goals:

I want to visit Germany with my family.


I like Germany I want to go there and see it.


Wonderful food and beer, brakwerst and sourkrout with a wheat beer.


Learn German, try Bavarian food, speak with locals, shopping, and nightlife.


I can get my germany citizenship but I dont know how to start


There's a lot of snow. ... Except in the place where there isn't. ... There aren't any Christmas markets. ... Oktoberfest is over. ... You can go to the sauna to warm up. ... It's really dark. ... So you won't feel badly about visiting a museum. ... Horizontal rain is magic.


My roots come from Germany/France.


My mom went their and said it was a fun place to be.


I would like to go see where my ancestors come from and see the farm


I want to continue my education. So, Germany is the perfect place since I also want to improve my weak and poor deutsch. Ich möchte deutsch sprechen!


I speak a little German and would love to visit


I am German so I think I should at some point go visit the birthplace of my Grandfather