Before I die I want to...
Go Paragliding

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438 buckaroos have listed 'Go Paragliding' as one of their life goals:

I have to experience everything possible.


I want to jump from sky with a parachute and survive


I have been wanting to go paragliding in Fethiye for a while now.


two words that inspired me "SEEK DISCOMFORT"


"Paragliding is closest to know how flying feels like, just touch the sky and feel free as a bird."


My wife has done it and we are competitive so i want to also do especially since i'm terrified of heights.


Go tandem paragliding with Brady


Feel the wind and stay close the sky!


I've always wanted to fly... so why not. makes my childhood dream a reality with a few minor tweaks :)


I just wanna just like a bird


I'm jealous of birds. They can just fly away when they don't like what's happening. The view they have up there is priceless. I would like to know how it feels 'to be free as a bird'.


Want to go paragliding for the beautiful view and the great feeling!


i want to paraglide before skydiving


I loved skydiving and this would be a beautiful and amazing experience as well.