Before I die I want to...
I Want To Write A Book

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115 buckaroos have listed 'I Want To Write A Book' as one of their life goals:

Ik wil een verhaal hebben afgerond en -eventueel- een boek uitgeven.


I want to write about something or someone that means a lot to me.


i want to write a book on my idea of True Love between a man and a woman. In today's time!


I want to finish one of my books.


This is something that has been an idea of mine for the past ten years. I think writing a book and putting my thoughts down on paper for others to read and enjoy would be incredibly rewarding. I haven't yet decided what type of book I would want to write but setting a goal is the first step.


If J. K. Rowling can go from be on government help to being a bestselling author, it shouldn't be that hard for me to write a book.


Reading Harry Potter and learning about JK Rowling's past and what helped her to write her books.


I have always wanted to do this.


I have always started to write books of all genres, for all ages but somehow I always stop before it is finished. Someday I hope to find the motivation to actually finish one! :)


I have always wanted to write a young readers novel.


Even if noone ever reads it, i'll still klnow i wrote it!


I want to write at least one book: Some ideas: 1. top 10 worst dates of my life 2. biography 3. becoming a mother, a story from the other side


I have been inspired by the influence of Harry Potter. I would love to be able to write a book that makes children want to read.


This has always been one of my goals.


have always wanted to do this and realize when I try that it is not an easy task.