Before I die I want to...
Go To College

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253 buckaroos have listed 'Go To College' as one of their life goals:

I want to go to college after I finish high school


I would love to earn an amazing degree at my college of choice! Right now (2019) my top choices are Georgetown, Harvard, American, George Washington, and Emory University!


I would want to see Columbia River Gorge


I want to go to college by December 31st, 2024.


I want to be smart and have an degree.


I want to go to college to get my degree in nursing


So I can further my education and get a successful career


The reason I want to go to college is because I want to get a degree in special education


I want to go to Lake Erie college.


I have only one more year of high school to go!


Its never too late to finish your education.... time to find my life long career!


because of my brother which is going to college.


I want to be successful when I grow up.


I want to be educated and have a good job. I'm thinking about going to ASU.


My polytechnic grades are terrible due to teenage rebellion kicking in. To this day, I wonder what the hell was I thinking doing what I did instead of studying hard. My terrible attempt to live life to the fullest with a plethora of extra co-curricular activities earned me maturity too little too late. It's too late for regrets now but what I can do is make up for past transgressions. Thanks to that, I'm struggling to get into university and then a degree, so I can prove to myself and the world that academic grades aren't everything, and I can make it while enriching myself along the way.


I was never good in school I did go to college but I never passed. But I came to discover if you want a better career you need to have a college education. So this time I hope I can make it through it.


This is the last step as a kid. Not even a kid. Just that last step separating you from the rest of your life.


I wasn't very good in high school, because I didn't apply myself. I've wanted to go back to college for a while now, but life just seems to get in the way.