Before I die I want to...
Get Out Of Debt

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247 buckaroos have listed 'Get Out Of Debt' as one of their life goals:

Get rid of my student loans lol


I want to be Debt-Free before the year ends. God's promise is to free us from all forms of shackle and that promise includes financial freedom.


Divorce and life have kicked my ass. Would love to own a beautiful home again and be out of debt.


The sooner I'm out of debt the quicker I can create a new life for my daughter and I.


Having debt and no way to fix it lol


Life's less stressful when your debt free


Want to do this so desperately..


I want the money I earn to be my own.


Been in debt since my wedding day. Benn married for 19 years and we don't over spend. Our debt is from circumstances. Really tired of Debt. Without debt I would be free to do more and help others


I owe a lot of money to my parents and the bank. The goal is to pay back everything earlier than expected. First to my parents.


I need to contact a credit agency to find out exactly how much it is. I'm hoping its around $5000 but I don't know for sure. I made some mistakes when I was 18. I got some loans, a credit card and a phone on a plan. I'm 23 now, and although a lot of it is paid off, I still have bad credit. I need to sort that out.


I don't want to leave all this debt to my kids!!!


Might take 20-30 years, but one day I will be debt free :)


because i shouldnt be there in the first place