Before I die I want to...
Go On A Safari In Africa

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Going to Tangiers and Nogorogoro Crater was incredible. I saw all of the big 5 except the White Rhino. The leopard was in the tree. The cape buffalo was really big and kind of ugly. Saw lioness hunting warthog really close...too close. My favorite parts were seeing hippos have sex, the lilac breasted rollers flying right above me (looks like someone threw watercolor on wings of this bird as it soars...). I loved it all, but the male lion was so far and lazy of course while female hunted. It was crazy that the monkeys stole the sandwich from that girl and their tour guide didn't warn them. He was like, "cuz they are white". He warned me and made me aware to guard it and stayed with me, but yeah as soon as the black people walked away the monkeys would take the food from the white people. My favorite racism ever!


My grandparents trip to South Africa and all the amazing things they had to share about it.


Watching the Lion King as a kid gave me the dream to visit Africa. Go on a safari is the best way to see the animals in the wild and spectacular landscapes at the same time and all of this in a pretty ethical way.


Take a trip to Philadelphia Zoo with Max and kids


Always wanted to see the wild nature in Africa.


I'd love to get the chance to go on a safari tour and see the animals over there.


To see around the Africa's beautiful nature.


I love giraffes and would love to see them in a more natural setting. I would also love to see them roam and be able to feed and touch them. I also love exploring hotels and buildings.


I was lucky to experience the wildlife in its natural habitat, magical.


Always been a dream, time to make that reality.


Go on an actual safari in Africa


Did this with my cousins in South Africa 2012


Always wanted to see wild animals in their natural habitat.


Go to Giraffe Manor and eat/feed giraffes in Kenya. Gogo Falls Road, Nairobi, Kenya


I want to feed a giraffe by January 12th, 2028.


to witness the natural landscape


As a photographer and a Big cat(lions. cheetah, leopard, tiger) lover. I've always wanted to go experience the wildlife truly in the wild and their natural habitat.


See all the goodness the world has to offer. See something completely different


I want to get myself a nice looking girl to marry. The cake at the wedding will be red velvet because that is my favorite, and hopefully hers too. I dont want to get married too soon though because i want to stay young, but maybe by age 30? 25 is the soonest. When I marry her, i want to get married on the beach.


I love Giraffes and would like to see them, elephants and lions in the wild.


To be able to see some of the most amazing animals on this planet in the wild would be a truly awe inspiring moment.


I want to see lions, giraffes and other wild life in their element.


I've always wanted to explore Africa and to see wildlife in it's real habitat.


Another thing I would this time around like to experience with my beautiful wife. I would all so like to stay on the reserve & hear lions roar & other animal noises at night.


I want to set foot on every continent...I love animals and want to learn how other cultures live


My parents did this in Malawi and I'd love to do it too!


Traveling is something that I would really love to do more, so this just falls under that category :)


This is a big dream of mine... Want to visit the sanctuary


Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!!


I would love to see wildlife in another its natural habitat.


I always wanted to get extremely close up to all of the wild animials that I love I dreamed of it sincle I was a little girl.


An adventure I do not want to miss


I'd love this!!! Africa is my country!! ;)


To visit my College roommate in the Peace Corps!!


I've always wanted to go to Africa